Wednesday, January 18, 2017

News From The Fulton House - Vol.23, Winter 2017

The View

We had another outstanding summer in 2016. The weather was remarkable and I enjoyed wonderful conversations with many of you. The positive energy you all generate seems to keep me going through out the rest of the year. When you stay at the Fulton House, it is my hope that you are receiving a vacation most of us wish for; one that provides rest, relaxation, family time, laughter, and memories.

As in past years, I am writing this newsletter while sitting in a 66 passenger bus--a big bus! This morning I am parked in an ice covered parking lot at the Osceola Ski Center. We arrived a few minutes ago. Our Nordic ski team will compete this morning against other ski teams in our section.

As a school bus driver, I am often transporting various sports teams for our school. As a result, I’m surrounded by teenagers a lot. Most of these kids have been raised by parents who have inculcated them with good values. Raising a child is perhaps the most difficult but rewarding “project’ any of us will undertake. It’s worth noting that this is an endeavor that we should be putting our best effort into--not a save-it-for-Sunday-hand-it-in-on-Monday deal. Why? Because one day we are likely to become an equally difficult “project’ for our sons and daughters!

The Fulton House

We hope to continue to work on the projects we started last year in Hillside and the Main House. We are in the process of removing the fireplace chimney in Fernhill and hope to replace it with a propane fireplace insert. Various painting projects are also on the “list,“ and we hope to continue to replace mattresses and other furnishings as needed.

The Baileys

By the end of January, Fern will have completed the first half of her junior year in high school. Shout it out! Noteworthy, yes, but from Fern’s perspective, completing the road test to acquire her driver’s license holds significantly more meaning! Life is good…ya think?! Fern is having a fun year. She has a boyfriend and she socializes with a group of 8 kids (4 couples) that refer to themselves as the “magnificent 8,” no modesty there. We are proud of Fern, and Dad is particularly looking forward to taking a trip this spring to investigate one or two colleges.

As most of you know, Caitlin graduated from college in May of last year and, beginning in September, has been working primarily as an assistant coach for our high school’s cross country running and nordic ski teams, and as a substitute teacher. She is really enjoying these experiences and thinks that teaching, on some level, may be part of her future. She completed the first semester of a two semester chemistry course at Mohawk Valley Community College in December and, after much thought, has applied for admission to the Friedman School at Tufts University. The program she is interested in offers a Masters/Doctoral degree in nutrition interventions and communication. She is also applying for a position with Food Corps, a nonprofit organization that helps educate underserved communities in nutrition and health. It’s a joy to hear her talk passionately about this subject. She has broadened our thoughts about nutrition, health, and sustainable methods of growing food. Fun stuff!

As most of you are aware, Leslie had open heart surgery in September. The surgery went very well, though it was a bit more complicated than her surgeons had anticipated it would be. After about two months of recuperating, the effects from the surgical trauma subsided and her day-to-day living improved. Now, we rarely have a conversation about her ordeal so I think her life is much improved. Interesting note: Santa gave Leslie a Fitbit for Christmas and boy does that device give her the business if she’s not up and moving on regular intervals!

Thank you all for your thoughtful holiday greetings and your lively updates on Facebook. We hope all of you had a joyous holiday season filled with family, friends, food, and laughter.

We wish you peace and joy in this new year!


Please let us know by February 1 about your reservation for the 2017 season. Deposits are due by February 15. You can send half of your deposit then and the other half by March 15, if you prefer. Please let us know if you have any questions. After February 1 we will be taking new reservations, so please let us know before then if you want us to hold anything for you.

We offer a 5% discount on the weeks of June 24-July 1 and August 12-19, a 10% discount on the week of August 19-26, and a 15% discount on the week of August 26-September 2. For rate information, please visit our website at

We look forward to seeing you in a few short months!

P.S. Please let us know if you would like to participate in a work weekend this spring. We hope to have two work weekends, depending upon interest: May 26-28, and June 9-11.